10,000 unique pixelart scorpions

This is an NFT project I never finished for a different ledger tech, hence the "abandoned" scorpions name. Writing smart contracts for the tech in question was too hard, and I'm lazy and would rather be making art.

After getting really into Radix I decided it might be worth it to release them on that platform instead.

I'm only asking 20 xrd each for them because I want everyone who is supporting Radix this early to be able to grab one.

While you're here please check out my other project, Radical Strikers, which is a game that will feature NFT items built on Radix.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AbandonedScorps
Telegram: https://t.me/AbandonedScorpions
Unofficial Trading Group: https://t.me/Abandoned_trading


Abandoned Scorpions Wallet Address:



Trading is handled manually for now. Please join the unofficial trading group telegram to find buyers and sellers. Trades are subject to a 10% royalty fee (minimum 10 xrd). The process is as follows:

For example, if you want to trade 80 xrd for scorpions 0123 and 4567, you would send 80 xrd to the Abandoned Scorpions wallet with this message:

trading 80 xrd for 0123, 4567

The other party would have to send 2 SCORP tokens to the Abandoned Scorpions wallet with this message:

trading 0123, 4567 for 80 xrd

If there is a match there, the trade will be finalized the next time I process the trade requests. The recipient would receive 70 xrd (80 - 10 trading fee), and you would recieve 2 SCORP tokens. The database will be updated to reflect the new ownership. If you wish to cancel a pending trade, please get in touch via telegram or email scorpions@radstrike.com.


Transferring works similarly to trading, however you must provide the wallet address of the recipient. Send the scorp token(s) with the following message format:

transfer scorp number(s) to recipient address

So for example, if you wanted to send scorps 0123 and 4567 to rdx1000000000000, you would send the Abandoned Scorpions wallet 2 SCORP tokens with this message:

transfer 0123, 4567 to rdx1000000000000

No fee is necessary! This service is free of charge. The transfer will be processed when the rest of the trades are.


You can nickname scorpions you own, but this feature uses a separate wallet from the trades and transfers:


To set a nickname, send some xrd dust (.00001 xrd is fine) to the address above with a message in the format:

nickname scorp_number name

For example, if you want to name 0123 “the bad doctor”, you send it with the message

nickname 0123 the bad doctor

To delete a nickname, send a message to the nickname wallet with the following format:

delete_nickname scorp_number

Please note that nickname assignments take roughly 3 minutes to process and you may have to clear your browser cache to see the changes. Also note that the rules for which names are appropriate are common sense and left to my discretion, I may erase a nickname I or the community finds inappropriate at any time.


Please be sure to read the policy page for specifics on how the reservations work and more.

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